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St Mary's Island is a vibrant community and the island is split into a number of sectors.

Which sector do I live in?

The map of each sector is shown here.

The list of roads by sector is shown here.

How do I become a Sector Representatives?

To ensure SMIRA can hear the voice of all residents in 2019 it launched its Sector Representatives initiative.  


How to become a Sector Representative and to understand what the role includes is shown here.

To volunteer to become a sector rep, please use our contact form.

Who is my current Sector Representative?

So far the following residents have come forward to become their sector representatives:

  • Sector 1 - Ranieri Notarianni, Ruth Portway

  • Sector 2 - Ali Mohammed, Dave Elder, Martine Smart Pay

  • Sector 3 - Kiran Gill Dusanj, Michaela Sesay, Eva Wallenge (Martin)

  • Sector 5 - Stella Mountney

  • Sector 9 - Angela Andrews

  • Sector 11 - 

  • Sector 12 - Bruce Middlemas

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