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During 2019 SMIRA developed Member Benefits and agreed this with St. Mary's Island residents for roll out.  

What are SMIRA Benefits?

SMIRA member benefits are a range of discounts and offers available for SMIRA members.

How can I access SMIRA Member Benefits?

To take advantage of the offers available, you need to become a SMIRA member which is FREE.  To become a member, please register using the link at the top right of the screen.

What do I need to show at a retailer who is included in the SMIRA member benefits scheme?

Most retailers will only need to see your membership of SMIRA.  You can do this by logging into your account and showing them you are a current member, once you have registered online.

Alternatively you can register online and then print this off to show the retailer if you do not have a smart phone.

Some retailers have provided SMIRA with a discount code to use on their website.  Please contact SMIRA via the contact form for these types of member benefits.


To view all current discounts for SMIRA members please login into your online SMIRA account.  Discounts from retailers currently include:

  • Chatham Maritime Watersports

  • Ring

  • Salon Couture


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