Local Crime Information


Launch of SMI Neighbourhood Watch:

Working with Medway and National Neigbourhood Watch, SMIRA have now registered the SMI Scheme.

Neighbourhood watch stickers for each home will be sent out shortly. 


Signage in three strategic areas of the island will be sited by CMT to promote that the island is part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. 


Scam awareness:

A - Never Assume a caller, email or text is genuine.

B - Never Believe a caller, email or text is genuine.

C - Always Confirm by contacting a trusted number or team like Action Fraud, a family

member, friend or your bank’s fraud department to check if it’s genuine.

Please if you hear of someone that has become a victim of a scam encourage them to report it immediately at: or by calling:  

0300 123 2040

For up to date information via twitter: @actionfrauduk


Arrest of suspect in connection with vehicle thefts on SMI

A male has been arrested in connection with the thefts from motor vehicles that occurred last month on the Island and other locations in Medway. He has been charged and remanded in custody.

June 2020

Anti-Social Behaviour and Other Incidents of Note

Now that the weather has improved, the amount of youths swimming in Basin 2 has already started to increase. These have been picked up quickly, either by CCTV from the Trust and Ward security, or by residents reporting them. The youths have been given words of advice and moved on from the area. On each occasion, the youths have not been from St Mary's Island but from other areas in Medway. I will be keeping an eye on this and if we have repeat visitors, we will visit parents.


Shoplifting has decreased in Dockside and at the Co-Op, mainly I believe because of people having to be monitored in and out of the centre and shops.


There has been a theft reported on the Island. Four pushbikes were taken from a rear garden

overnight on the 25th June, unfortunately there is no CCTV in that area and the bikes have not been located. The rear gate to the property was not locked. Two of the bikes have been property marked so if they show up anywhere, they can be returned to the owner.


Two males were reported to be climbing on the Blue Crane along the River Walk. On arrival, one male was fixing a rope at the top of the crane and they said they were going to be abseiling down.

Words of advice were given and the males moved on.


Reports of anti social behaviour at Dockside car park have started to come in again, mostly from residents at The Dockyard and Marina Point West. On the 22nd June, as I was passing by, a driver was wheel spinning a car around the car park. On stopping the vehicle, it transpired that the driver only held a provisional license, was not displaying L plates and was not insured to drive the vehicle. A

patrol was called to the location and dealt with the offences accordingly.

Useful documents:

Items left in vehicle notice

Neigbourhood Watch update 2.11.20.jpg

St Mary's Island (SMI) Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

SMIRA carried out a resident consultation in July 2020 on its island wide neighbourhood watch scheme proposals.  The proposals included:​

Sharing information


As part of its information sharing approach SMIRA will:

  • Register the whole island as one scheme

  • Act as the lead Neighbourhood Watch controller for the SMI scheme

  • Ask SMI Sector Representatives to act as information sharers about the new scheme

  • Create a new crime incident reporting form on the SMIRA website for SMI residents to share information about crime on SMI (this does not replace direct reporting of incidents to the police on 999 and 101)

  • Information received from the incident form will go directly to CMT and the PCSO

  • Create new website pages outlining ways to reduce crime on SMI as part of a neighbourhood watch scheme

  • Continue to utilise its existing residents meetings to discuss  crime on the island

  • Provide residents with Neighbourhood Watch stickers to display in windows

  • Working with CMT ensure formal Neighbourhood Watch scheme signage is placed around the island


Residents voted in favour of the proposals in July 2020 and the scheme will be launched shortly.