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Local Crime Information

May 2022

Kent Police Update - PCSO Angela Saunders



The Island Speedwatch group continue their efforts to reduce speeding on the Island. In late May, 25 people were recorded driving over 35mph over the bridge onto St Marys Island with the highest speed being 53mph.

Residents are asked to please slow down, the speed limit is 30mph all around the Island.

Members of Speedwatch volunteer as they feel strongly about the speed in which vehicles travel and the safety of residents.


This issue continues to be a focus at each SMIRA Residents’ meeting.


Police Surgeries


SMIRA provided all residents with the latest dates for Police surgeries being held in May and June 2022 by PCSO Ellie Cox. The next surgery will be held at the Sunlight Centre in Gillingham on 10 June between 10am-12 noon.


PCSO monthly reports


SMIRA continues to provide updates from PCSO Saunders on a monthly basis. Please see the official SMIRA Facebook Page for all reports.

My Community Voice


Many residents have joined My Community Voice to keep up to date with the work their local policing teams do and connect with them through a messaging service. It has been brilliant to see residents actively promoting it via the SMIRA official Facebook page.

March 2022

My Community Voice

Streetcops Trust


One of our residents is a Trustee of the Streetcops Trust, which offers funding to organisations based in the Medway area whose activities help to prevent people becoming either involved in crime or victims of crime.

Please visit the Streetcops Facebook page and message Streetcops to obtain an application form if you run a local organisation that may qualify. Preferably a local Police Officer or PCSO should be involved in the application to enable them to remain involved in the communities they serve. However, this is not essential if your project / group can contribute to a Safer, Stronger community. Angela Saunders and Jody Coxon, our local PCSOs are familiar with the work of the Streetcops Trust.


Kent Police Update - Schools Officers

Kent Police now has a schools based team who predominantly work in secondary schools.

The local secondary schools officer for the Rochester and Chatham area is PC Paul Dearing, he covers the following schools:

  • Holcombe Grammar School

  • The Thomas Aveling School

  • Kings School

  • He also covers The Waterfront UTC in Gillingham

The local secondary schools officer for the Chatham area is PC Corrin Parker, she covers the following schools:

  • St. John Fisher Catholic School

  • The Victory Academy

  • Fort Pitt Grammar School

  • She also covers the GFC school in Gillingham

The local secondary schools officer for the Rochester area is PC Dominic Nelson, he covers the following schools:

  • Sir Joseph Williamsons Mathematical School

  • The Rochester Grammar School

  • Blue Skies School

  • Medway Green School

The local secondary schools officer for the Gillingham area is PC Rhys Williams, he covers the following schools:

  • Robert Napier

  • Brompton Academy

  • Chatham Girls Grammar School

  • The Will Adams Centre

December 2021

My Community Voice

SMIRA has continued to update residents’ with key information and guidance from the National Neighbourhood Watch Scheme via Facebook and the SMIRA website, in addition to working with the PCSO to inform residents about incidents in the local area through the PSCO monthly report.


Most recently SMIRA signed up to My Community Voice which enables SMIRA to keep up to date with the work of the local policing teams.

August 2021

Report from PCSO Angela Saunders

A crime update from our PCSO Angela Saunders was posted on Facebook in August. Angela also provided an update on e-Scooters on the Island; the PCSO has spoken to a couple of people regarding the use of these scooters, and provided them with some information around usage. CMT are in the process of having signs made advising that the Island is private property and that they do not give permission for them to be ridden on the Island.

Angela would like SMIRA to reinforce that she continues to be present on the Island and can be contacted via email should any resident wish to speak with her. Angela is also working to arrange her rotas around being able to attend the next Residents' meeting on 6 September 2021.

May 2021

Dog theft update

PCSO Angela Saunders provided advice on dog theft. She issued SMIRA with a poster to display via its Facebook site which set out key guidance on keeping your dog safe and how to report if your dog is missing.

May 2021

Car crime update Neighbourhood watch alert and PCSO Angela Saunders

In May 2021, the Island’s PCSO Angela Saunders issued a message asking residents to ensure that their vehicles are locked at all times to avoid opportunist thefts occurring on the Island. This followed a report of two males in Redshank Road and Woodlark Road trying to open doors on vehicles.

March 2021

Car crime update Neighbourhood watch alert and PCSO Angela Saunders

As part of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, SMIRA receives regular updates from the scheme on key matters affecting communities across the UK. Neighbourhood Watch launched a new campaign to tackle car crime on 31 March 2021 and issued guidance on how to increase protection of your vehicle in three quick steps:

  • Leave your car locked
    A simple mistake that can prove calamitous: 44% of cars are broken into via an unlocked door. 


  • Leave your car well-lit
    80% of car crime occurs during the evening or at night. Parking near street lamps or in a busy area can deter thieves.


  • Leave your car empty (or with no items on show)
    Owners often forget that personal belongings within the car are at as much risk of being stolen as the car itself.  

Useful documents:

Items left in vehicle notice

Neigbourhood Watch update 2.11.20.jpg

St Mary's Island (SMI) Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

SMIRA carried out a resident consultation in July 2020 on its island wide neighbourhood watch scheme proposals.  The proposals included:​

Sharing information


As part of its information sharing approach SMIRA will:

  • Register the whole island as one scheme

  • Act as the lead Neighbourhood Watch controller for the SMI scheme

  • Ask SMI Sector Representatives to act as information sharers about the new scheme

  • Create a new crime incident reporting form on the SMIRA website for SMI residents to share information about crime on SMI (this does not replace direct reporting of incidents to the police on 999 and 101)

  • Information received from the incident form will go directly to CMT and the PCSO

  • Create new website pages outlining ways to reduce crime on SMI as part of a neighbourhood watch scheme

  • Continue to utilise its existing residents meetings to discuss  crime on the island

  • Provide residents with Neighbourhood Watch stickers to display in windows

  • Working with CMT ensure formal Neighbourhood Watch scheme signage is placed around the island


Residents voted in favour of the proposals in July 2020 and the scheme will be launched shortly.

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