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2022 Work Plan


  • Continue to work closely with Chatham Maritime Trust on key issues affecting the community and maintain representation of SMIRA on the Chatham Maritime Trust Board.

  • Continue engagement with the PCSO Angela Saunders and connection with Residents’.

  • Continue to engage with the Councillors on their participation in the SMIRA Residents’ meetings, and following up key issues that are raised.

  • Schedule Road Adoption meetings to look at road safety and maintenance of roads and footpaths. Residents’ are also encouraged to report street repair issues via FixMyStreet -

  • Continue engagement with Countryside Properties to support residents who have raised concerns in respect of Remus.

  • Continue engagement with Maritime Health Partnership, and securing their attendance at upcoming SMIRA Residents’ meetings in 2022.

  • Continued recruitment of sector representatives, new Board members and volunteers who would like to support the SMIRA work for the community.

  • Plan community events for 2022.

2021 Work Plan

During 2021, SMIRA delivered the following for residents at St Mary's Island:


The SMIRA Trustees of the Chatham Maritime Trust (CMT) Board have raised many issues on behalf of the residents during the CMT Trustee meetings. Road and pathway maintenance and security have been two of the many areas covered, as well as them being very involved in trying to protect the residents’ voting rights on the CMT Board.


SMIRA was involved in the review of the proposed development of the Chatham Docks with both interested parties making presentations to the residents. SMIRA conducted a poll to gauge the feelings of the residents which was in favour of saving Chatham Docks and preserving the jobs of workers employed on the site. In addition, presentations were made to Kelly Tolhurst MP which resulted in her pledge to assist SMIRA in her role as local MP, and her participation in the December 2021 residents’ meeting.


SMIRA has promoted the Neighbourhood Watch scheme through regular updates to residents on key topics raised by the national scheme.


SMIRA worked closely with PCSO Angela Saunders who is very keen to retain a close connection to the community and follow-up on issues raised by residents. SMIRA secured a monthly report to residents’ from PCSO Saunders throughout the year, to keep residents informed.


SMIRA joined and promoted the My Community Voice scheme which enables local residents and businesses to gain insights into the work their local policing teams do, and connect with them through a messaging service.


SMIRA established a new relationship with Maritime Health Partnership and provided key updates to residents as they navigated through the transition period. With the COVID-19 pandemic progressing through the year, SMIRA have been able to provide residents with important information on vaccinations and flu jabs. SMIRA also provided a forum for residents to raise their concerns with Maritime Health Partnership.


SMIRA re-engaged with Countryside Properties and raised the concerns of residents over the disparate arrangement for the charging of maintenance and service charges in the sectors recently finalised. In addition, SMIRA raised concerns regarding the issues with parking around Samphire Way and Atlas Place. As a result, Countryside is taking action to restrict parking around this area.

2020 Work Plan

During 2020, SMIRA delivered the following for residents at St Mary's Island:

  • Commencement of the articles of association consultation

  • St Mary's Island wide Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and incident reporting form

  • The annual resident newsletter

  • Registration of new and existing SMIRA members using the new registration form on the SMIRA website

  • Recruitment of five new Board members

  • Continued recruitment of sector representatives for all areas of the island

  • Delivered a fully working SMIRA website

  • Rolled out SMIRA Member Benefits


2019 Work Plan

December 2018, saw a refresh of how SMIRA worked and introduced a new SMIRA Board for 2019.

During 2019, SMIRA delivered the following for residents at St Mary's Island:

  • ‘One Island, One Community, One Voice’ concept

  • Formal residents meetings revised, with new Stakeholder Q&A and polls/votes taking place

  • Increased communication using regular updates on notice boards, Facebook, Twitter and email

  • New Saturday Drop Ins for residents

  • New SMIRA website: and online membership registration

  • New Sector Representative initiative

  • New Easter Egg Hunt held in April 2019 for 100 residents

  • New Summer Picnic and Dog Show held in August 2019 for up to 500 residents

  • New ‘Member Benefits’ concept agreed with residents, ready for launch

  • New SMIRA Associate Membership

  • Governance and GDPR compliance reviews completed plus reconciliation of SMIRA membership

  • Approach for resident consultation on SMIRA articles approved at the AGM in November 2019

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