2020 Work Plan

SMIRA rotates its Board Chair and Chris Reynolds became SMIRA Chair on 5 December 2019.  The current SMIRA Board consists of:

Chair and Director - Chris Reynolds (Joined October 2019)

Treasurer and Director - Yvonne Bishop (Joined December 2018)

Company Secretary - John Tower (Joined March 2019)

Director - Mandy Samrai (Joined December 2018)

Director: Melanie Carr (Joined July 2020)

Director: Jade Jones (Joined July 2020)

Director: Scott Parkin (Joined July 2020)

Building on the 2019 results, the 2020 work plan includes:

  • Commencement of the articles of association consultation

  • To develop and rollout a new St Mary's Island wide Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

  • Design, print and deliver the annual resident newsletter

  • Request that all existing SMIRA members re-register using the new registration form to reduce the existing admin burden

  • Maximise new member registration by using the new online registration form

  • Recruitment of new Board members

  • Continue recruitment of sector representatives for all areas of the island

  • Deliver new content for the SMIRA website

  • To work with local business to rollout SMIRA Member Benefits


2019 Results

December 2018, saw a refresh of how SMIRA worked and introduced a new SMIRA Board for 2019 consisted of the following members:

Chair and Director - Mandy Samrai (Joined December 2018)

Treasurer and Director - Yvonne Bishop (Joined December 2018)

Company Secretary - John Tower (Joined March 2019)

Director - Glenn Rogers (Joined December 2018)

Director - Chris Reynolds (Joined October 2019)

During 2019, SMIRA delivered the following for residents at St Mary's Island:

  • ‘One Island, One Community, One Voice’ concept

  • Formal residents meetings revised, with new Stakeholder Q&A and polls/votes taking place

  • Increased communication using regular updates on notice boards, Facebook, Twitter and email

  • New Saturday Drop Ins for residents

  • New SMIRA website: and online membership registration

  • New Sector Representative initiative

  • New Easter Egg Hunt held in April 2019 for 100 residents

  • New Summer Picnic and Dog Show held in August 2019 for up to 500 residents

  • New ‘Member Benefits’ concept agreed with residents, ready for launch

  • New SMIRA Associate Membership

  • Governance and GDPR compliance reviews completed plus reconciliation of SMIRA membership

  • Approach for resident consultation on SMIRA articles approved at the AGM in November 2019

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