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Under the current articles of association, SMIRA offers two types of membership: Full and Associate.

What is the difference between Full and Associate membership?

The Full and Associate SMIRA membership differences can be seen by clicking here.

How do I become a SMIRA member?

SMIRA is encouraging all residents who are eligible to become members, to register by using the word register at the top of this screen.  Once registered, SMIRA's secretary will confirm your membership separately by email.

I am already a SMIRA member do I need to register online?

SMIRA is seeking to rollout out a number of new initiatives such as Member Benefits and is asking all existing members to re-register  by clicking the word register at the top of this screen. 


This will also help SMIRA to reduce the administration burden required from managing membership. 


If you require help to re-register and for all other matters, please use our contact form and we contact you to provide support.

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