St. Mary’s Island Resident Association (SMIRA) represents the island residents and makes sure their voice is heard in all matters concerning life on the island. SMIRA is a voluntary organisation that works closely with various organisations, agencies and businesses in the local area.

SMIRA is also a company limited by guarantee, governed by Articles of Association.



All current Directors are volunteers who live on St Mary's Island (SMI) and give up their time to run SMIRA and represent resident views.


SMIRA rotates its Board Chair and Malcolm Gray became SMIRA Chair on 27 November 2020. The current SMIRA Board includes:


Director and Chair: Malcolm Gray (Joined September 2020)

Director and Company Secretary: John Tower (March 2019-May 2021). Succeeded by Jade Jones June 2021

Director: Jade Jones (Joined July 2020)

Director: Mona Koshkouei (Joined August 2020)

Director:Chris Reynolds  (Joined October 2019)

Treasurer: Malcom Gray

As well as Directors on its own Board, SMIRA also holds two positions on the Chatham Maritime Trust (CMT) Board. Chatham Maritime Trust Board Members:


Chris Reynolds and Mona Koshkouei


To become a SMIRA member is easy, please use the register button at the top right of the screen. For further information on membership click here.

Resident Involvement

SMIRA also has a network of resident volunteers who undertake a number of key roles as part of its resident involvement structure.