Report from PCSO Angela Saunders

August 2021

A crime update from our PCSO Angela Saunders was posted on Facebook in August. Angela also provided an update on e-Scooters on the Island; the PCSO has spoken to a couple of people regarding the use of these scooters, and provided them with some information around usage. CMT are in the process of having signs made advising that the Island is private property and that they do not give permission for them to be ridden on the Island.

Angela would like SMIRA to reinforce that she continues to be present on the Island and can be contacted via email should any resident wish to speak with her. Angela is also working to arrange her rotas around being able to attend the next Residents' meeting on 6 September 2021.

Succession Planning for SMIRA

August 2021

The success of SMIRA and sustainability of its work with key stakeholders on behalf of the Residents’ of the Island is dependant on volunteers. We would love for you to get involved either as a Sector Rep, a Board member, or if you have an idea which will support our Community. Please get in touch via email at

SMIRA Priorities for 2022

August 2021

SMIRA want to hear from Residents’ and their top priorities for 2022. Please get in touch via to let us know what you would like the SMIRA Board to take forward as part of their work in 2022.

Neighbourhood Watch

August 2021

The SMIRA Board is working to take this initiative forward, and has recently met with PCSO Angela Saunders who has put SMIRA in contact with the Neighbourhood Watch Officer at Medway Police Station. In the interim, SMIRA will continue to keep Residents’ up to date with key information and advice provided to us by National Neighbourhood Watch.


August 2021

The Speedwatch group supported by Residents', Speedwatch and Carl Davies from Chatham Maritime Trust met recently to prepare for the re-start of this effort to keep our Island safe.

As always, these initiatives rely on volunteers to be a success. If anyone is interested in volunteering to assist the group in their speed checks on and around the island, or would like more information about this initiative, please contact Carl Davies -

Polite reminder from CMT

June 2021

As COVID restrictions begin to lift and we begin to meet with friends and family again, more of us will want to host gatherings in our homes and enjoy the sunshine.


A polite reminder to respect our neighbours and be mindful to turn off music at a respectable hour, and limit the noise which may disturb others.

Chatham Maritime Trust (CMT) planned review of covenants

June 2021

Notice to all residents that CMT will shortly be announcing their plans to review compliance with the covenants. All enquiries should be addressed to

Medway Practices Alliance (MPA Update)

June 2021

MPA continues to increase appointment capacity to meet rising demand.

MPA initially commissioned 300 hundred additional appointments per week from “Livi” who will provide digital care from 29th June. The capacity of Livi appointments will be reviewed on a monthly basis and will be increased as and when required.  This additional capacity will support a peak in demand, as the Livi capacity can be increased within twenty-four hours. 

Livi enables patients to have a consultation with a GP by video on their mobile or tablet seven days a week. Patients are able to organise a consultation on the same day or book up to seven days in advance. 

Livi GPs are able to offer medical advice, prescriptions and referrals to a specialist if necessary. This service has full access to patients’ notes so they are aware of the previous medical history, prescriptions and allergies etc.

Patients requiring COVID vaccinations who wish to be seen at the clinics operated by Medway Central Primary Care Network can now book appointments on the national booking service online or via 119.

Letter from Kent & Medway CCG

May 2021

A letter was sent to all registered patients of the Island Surgery regarding the latest update on the future provision of services.

Residents are asked to read this letter and to write to the CCG if they have any views or comments to make. Our contacts at the CCG are very keen from as many people as possible.

Poster competition

May 2021

SMIRA are in need of some eye-catching artwork for the noticeboards on our lovely island.

You can paint, sketch, create a collage....... (the possibilities are up to your imagination!) to create an A4 sized poster with the subject of “WE LOVE OUR ISLAND”

There is a £10.00 high street voucher for the winning design in each of the following categories: ages 11 and under, ages 11-16 and, 17+. The winning designs will be featured on our website, Facebook page, as well as the all-important island noticeboards.

To enter: send a scan or photo of your design, along with your name and age to: Remember to keep your original artwork in case you win, as we'll need it for the noticeboard!

Closing date for entries: 30th June 2021

Winners will be announced by 31st July 2021

Water sports Centre reopening

April 2021

The Chatham Martime Water sports Centre reopened at the start of April – please visit for more information on how to book and what’s going on.

Covid-19 Vaccination Updates


Please see below, the question and answer session with Dr Julian Spinks, Medical Director at Medway Practices Alliance, on resident’s queries with the covid-19 vaccination programme.


Q) How frequently will the surgery provide updates on the progress or changes with the vaccination programme?

A) Updates will be provided as things change. Sometimes this can be at short notice. We will communicate with patients using the surgery website and also share relevant updates with SMIRA to share with residents as appropriate.


Q) How are those eligible for a vaccine being identified?

A) Most of the groups are based on age early in the process and this is an easy and robust search. When it gets on to at-risk groups, such as those who are shielding, a lot of work was done early last year to ensure these were identified and there are nationally mandated searches to re-identify them. The practice has been working on data quality as part of our recovery programme and have been working with a company called Clinical Analytics who use sophisticated systems to look for un-coded at-risk patients. As a result I feel that the risk of people being missed is much lower than 6 months ago.


Q)Does eligibility include identifying front line workers?

A) The group where data may not be complete is the frontline workers, but these individuals should be hearing of the vaccination plan via their employers.


Q) How is the vaccination programme being organised in our area?

A) The vaccinations are currently being organised via the Central Medway Primary Care Group. After proposing several vaccination sites to the CCG/NHS England, it appears that the site will be at St Mary’s Practice , Strood (NB Not St Mary’s Island) . This was because none of the practices our side of the river was felt to have suitable space for the Pfizer Vaccine, which carries with it considerable complexity.. Unfortunately the national requirement is for a single centre with no ability to change this or for patients to have a choice. Whether this will change as the Oxford vaccine is rolled out remains to be seen but any attempt to move outside the national standard operating procedures has been firmly rebuffed until now.


Q) If the situation changes and the surgery is able to offer covid-19 vaccinations, how will patients/residents be contacted?

A) The current proposal is to contact patients by using an SMS-based system as the primary route but with telephone, email and post as a back-up. We need to use a quick method because the booking (and cancellation) of appointments is likely to be at short notice at first. Appointments will not be booked by the practice on-demand as we are required to work through the groups in strict order and need to ensure a good match between the numbers of vaccines and appointments.


Q) Have vaccinations started in our area and how many have been vaccinated if so?

A) The GP vaccine centres have been rolled out in waves across the UK and no vaccinations have happened in our area.

Annual General Meeting 2020


The SMIRA AGM will be held on 27 November 2020 at 19h30 via Zoom. Please see the meeting page for up to date information. 

The minutes for last year's AGM as well as information on SMIRA accounts and voting for new SMIRA board members is in an 8 page booklet that has been put into all post boxes on St Mary's Island, or you can click on the image below to see an electronic copy. A copy has also been posted up on the Central Walk notice board.

Update on St Mary's Island Surgery -

Termination of primary care contracts


Further information can be found here

On Wednesday, 5 August 2020, NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and DMC Healthcare agreed to mutually terminate three primary care contracts, meaning DMC Healthcare will no longer be the provider for the surgeries concerned from Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

The surgeries are: St Werburgh Medical Practice, Hoo, and its branch surgeries in Lower Stoke and Yellow Suite at Balmoral Gardens Healthy Living Centre; St Mary’s Island Surgery, Chatham, and its branch surgeries at Green Suite at Balmoral Gardens Healthy Living Centre, Twydall, the Pentagon Centre and the Sunlight Centre Surgery; and Kings Family Practice, Chatham.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) took urgent enforcement action at both St Werburgh Medical Practice and St Mary’s Island Surgery, which also applied to the relevant branch surgeries. Temporary provider Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) is currently running these surgeries with support from the CCG.

Patients can still call their usual surgery to access appointments and prescriptions. They do not need to find a new GP or take any other action.

Wilf Williams, Accountable Officer at NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with DMC Healthcare which is in the best interest of our patients. There will now be a handover period between DMC and MPA, the temporary provider, although much of this work is already in progress. A similar caretaking arrangement will also be put in place at Kings Family Practice.

“We can now move on to securing a long-term future for these surgeries that will provide patients with high quality, sustainable healthcare. We will begin to talk to other local GPs to find a solution and will be engaging with patients and other stakeholders in due course.

“Patients will continue to be cared for by the temporary provider until a long-term solution is in place so they can call their usual surgery to access services.” 

CMT statement on SMI play areas


As residents will be aware, all the publicly owned play areas across Medway are now open to the public.  Since the Government provided further guidance on opening and operation / maintenance, the Trust has been reviewing the guidance and working through the implications of opening the 3 play areas.  Unfortunately the guidance is particularly onerous for private owned play areas compared to the fairly relaxed guidance for publicly owned ones.  This has meant that the Trust has had to look at putting safety and security measures in place in addition to those required for public play areas, resulting in the delay in opening the SMI play areas.


The Trust has received many enquiries on the issue.  We wish to assure residents that it is our intention to open the play areas as soon as it is practically possible once we are able to make the necessary provisions to ensure that we adhere to the Government guidance imposed upon us.  We would ask residents for their patience while the Trust’s Estates Team completes the safety/security review and implementation process.  We hope to confirm next week the opening date and necessary restrictions and control measures that will be put into place.

CMT notice on Medway Council and cleaning of SMI adopted roads


After months of working with the Council we have finally received a schedule of works from them for road and path cleaning on St Mary’s island. Tomorrow the Council’s contractors should be on site to do a street clean of all adopted roads and paths and this should be repeated every two weeks going forward.

Please could we ask where possible if vehicles are parked on roads or pavements where there is a build up of detritus or weeds that the areas are left open so that the Council can have access to give them a good clean.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Chatham Maritime Trust

Update on DMC Healthcare


Wilf Williams, Accountable Officer at NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “We are aware that DMC Healthcare has issued a statement explaining they are handing back contracts for both primary care and dermatology services. This is a complex process and although we are in negotiations with DMC, an agreement has not yet been reached.

“As always, our priority is to ensure continuity of care for our patients. We have put temporary providers in place for all the services affected and patients do not need to take any action.”   

Dermatology helpline

We have set up a helpline for patients affected by the suspension of DMC Healthcare dermatology services in north and east Kent. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. The number to call and more information about the helpline is here.

Click here for link to original post

Have your say on Medway's ward boundaries


The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of council wards for Medway Council.

The consultation is the first part of an electoral review which will re-draw ward boundaries across Medway. 

The Commission has also announced that Medway Council should have 59 councillors in future: four more than the current arrangements. 

In drawing up new boundaries, the Commission aims to deliver electoral equality for voters in council elections so that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters. The review also aims to ensure that the new council wards reflect, as far as possible, the interests and identities of communities across Medway. 

More information can be found on Medway Council's website:

New date for Medway Food Festival


It’s tremendously disappointing to let you know that this year’s Chatham Maritime Food & Drink Festival will not take place due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

We have been monitoring developments closely ever since the lockdown and it has now become clear that with ongong social restrictions, the health concerns of organisers, traders and visitors and the risk associated with large gatherings, it was going to be impossible to organise, prepare for and run the event this year.

We’re already working on plans to make the 2021 event bigger and better than ever, so please keep in touch via social media and save the date for May 2021.

New dates: 29 - 31.05.2021

SMI Neighbourhood Watch Consultation launch


SMIRA launches its new consultation for residents feedback by midnight Monday 13 July 2020.  To view the proposals click here.

SMIRA 2020 Newsletter is out!


The SMIRA newsletter 2020, delivered to all addresses on the island mid-June,
is now available to read online too. Read the newsletter as a pdf here.

Road resurface works at Samphire Way

22 - 27 June 2020


Medway Council will shortly be commencing road works on Samphire Way as per the letter received by residents of Samphire Way.

SMIRA and CMT have discussed how CMT can provide support during this time to reduce the impact on residents. As part of CMT's ongoing commitment to residents, they have made arrangements for affected residents to park all day at the SMI Community Centre car park for the duration of the works.


Dean Marsh, CMT's Contract & Procurement Facility Manager said; "We are hoping this will help reduce some of the pressure that residents face, of not being able to park outside their homes, during this time".

SMI Neighbourhood Watch


As part of the 2020 work programme, SMIRA has been developing proposals in conjunction with Chatham Maritime Trust (CMT) for a SMI wide Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


As always SMIRA value resident voice and will be shortly publishing its proposals for residents feedback before delivery.

One Island, One Community, One Voice

Countryside recommencing work on St Mary’s Island


You may be aware that Countryside Properties, has over the last couple of weeks, started to remobilising their Construction sites, albeit with new health and safety procedures in place to manage the Covid-19 situation.


At the end of last week St Mary’s Island was given clearance to recommence construction. This week Site will look to recommence with the remaining, outstanding piling within Sector 15. The majority of piling remaining is in the western portion of this sector adjacent to the River Medway. This work will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Play Parks on St Mary's Island Closed from Monday 23.3.2020


Message from Chatham Maritime Trust

The play parks on St Mary’s Island have been monitored by CCTV over the weekend to see how these are being used by the public. It is clear that social distancing rules are not being observed within the play parks. Furthermore, we consider that risks of potentially spreading the virus are increased by the use of the play equipment as children use the equipment, as the hard surfaces of the equipment cannot be maintained as clean due to constant usage.

The decision has therefore been taken to close the play parks as of today. Signage will be displayed on the entrances to each park confirming the reasons behind the closure.

COVID-19: Flexible Payment Arrangements for Annual Rent Charge


At this difficult time for everyone dealing with COVID-19, SMIRA has been working with CMT to find ways to address the impact on resident income over the coming weeks and months. 


CMT have agreed for this year that they will offer up to ten months to pay the annual rent charge for any resident facing financial difficulties. 


Anthony Sutton, CMT Chair, says: ‘It is important that the Trust supports all residents who pay the annual rent charge by offering more flexible payment arrangements.’


Both SMIRA and CMT hope this will help residents in the short term.

Please contact CMT on 01634 891888 or by email at

The Easter Egg Hunt, SMIRA Meetings and Resident Drop Ins cancelled until the end of April at the Earliest


The SMIRA Board has carefully considered the ongoing situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the impact it may have particularly on our community. The Government is predicting the situation will get much worse over the coming weeks and is increasing the actions we need to take.


The Board has therefore taken the unfortunate decision to cancel this years Easter Egg Hunt, all resident drop ins and formal resident meetings until the end of April at the earliest. The Board will of course monitor the situation and decide on future meetings nearer the time.


Chris Reynolds - SMIRA Chair

March community events by Litter Free Maritime

and Living River Foundation


  1. 28th March, 9:30am at Central Point, St Mary's Island - Litter Free Maritime Community Clean Up. Please register on Facebook or on our website:


  2. 23rd March. 13:00, St Mary's Island - The Primary School of St Mary's Island is organising a clean-up. If you are one of the parents or simply just happy to help out and have a valid DBS check, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


  3. Any day of the week commencing 16th March - Year 3 pupils at Elaine Primary School are initiating a clean-up in the Chatham area (exact location to be confirmed). Again, if you are one of the parents or just happy to help out and have a valid DBS check, we would love to hear from you.

SMIRA update on parking consultation


The SMIRA Board is very disappointed that the new consultation undertaken by Medway Council and supported by local Councillors was launched online without prior notice to either SMIRA or by writing to residents first.

As always, SMIRA encourages resident voice and urges all residents to complete the consultation using the following link:…/st_marys_island_controlled_park…

It is important residents have their say and SMIRA will use all its website, social media, notice boards and email to ensure its members are made aware of the consultation.

The deadline for the consultation is 31st December 2019.

To write directly to our ward councillors please use the following:

Cllr Habib Tejan

Cllr Piers Thompson

Annual Planting Day


Time for the annual planting day on the island. Residents were invited to help Chatham Maritime Trust and Gavin Jones plant the bulbs for spring next year. Thank you to all the residents that came to help!

On the same day, Living River Foundation organised a Community Clean Up. You can find out about future litter picks on Living River Foundation Facebook page here