Resident meetings using ZOOM

We understand that not all members will be able to use Zoom, but with this notice, you’ll be able to download it in time and even practice a Zoom call with friends or family before the meeting.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only.

You can join a Zoom meeting via any PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet with speakers, microphone and a camera, so long as you have reliable internet access. We recommended joining via a PC/Mac if possible because more functions are readily accessible, such as raising a virtual hand if you wish to ask a question.


You can also join in if your device does not have a camera, but other participants obviously won’t be able to see you.

It is very simple to set up – and will only take you a few minutes to setup – please follow the instructions carefully. Have a practice day beforehand, don’t wait until the big night to download Zoom.

How do I join the Zoom call ?

Here are the joining instructions for the virtual meeting via Zoom. 

Option 1


If you already have Zoom installed, simply click on the link below:

Join Zoom Meeting


Option 2

Join this meeting via a PC/Mac, use any browser (Chrome, Safari etc) to go to www.zoom.com , accept cookies, and then CLICK ON “JOIN A MEETING”. You may be prompted to save/install/run a small piece of Zoom software, then say yes to all other questions. When the software is installed, enter the Meeting ID and Password information below.

Meeting ID: 807 622 6488

Password: SMIRA2021