St Mary's Island (SMI) Neighbourhood Watch Consultation

SMIRA has been working with Chatham Maritime Trust (CMT), Kent Police and Medway Council to develop an island wide Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Neighbourhood Watch is about residents getting together to take action to reduce crime.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can:

  • Cut crime and the opportunities for crime

  • Help and reassure those who live in the area

  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities

  • May have a positive impact on home insurance cover costs

The SMI Neighbourhood Watch scheme includes two parts:

  • Sharing information on crime prevention and any incidents

  • Fortnightly resident led patrols


Sharing information


As part of its information sharing approach SMIRA will:

  • Register the whole island as one scheme

  • Act as the lead Neighbourhood Watch controller for the SMI scheme

  • Ask SMI Sector Representatives to act as information sharers about the new scheme

  • Create a new crime incident reporting form on the SMIRA website for SMI residents to share information about crime on SMI (this does not replace direct reporting of incidents to the police on 999 and 101)

  • Information received from the incident form will go directly to CMT and the PCSO

  • Create new website pages outlining ways to reduce crime on SMI as part of a neighbourhood watch scheme

  • Continue to utilise its existing residents meetings to discuss  crime on the island

  • Provide residents with Neighbourhood Watch stickers to display in windows

  • Working with CMT ensure formal Neighbourhood Watch scheme signage is placed around the island


Fortnightly resident led patrols

Working with Chatham Maritime Trust and Kent Police, one evening patrol will be held each fortnight in any given month. 


Residents participating as part of the patrol will be provided with Hi-Viz branded Neighbourhood Watch jackets to ensure other residents are aware they are part of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.  

During the patrols, data will be collected to identifying where there are opportunities for easy thefts such as insecure vehicles, property left on display,  unlocked windows, gates or sheds. 


Residents affected will then be contacted about observations relating to their home during the patrol and to offer information on ways to prevent crime.

All social distancing rules will be observed during the patrol.


The key outcomes of the patrols and how many incident reports have been received will be presented as information at SMIRA residents meetings.

Options available as part of the consultation.

The new patrols will be coordinated between SMIRA and CMT for a maximum of ten residents at any one time.  SMIRA is consulting with residents on how to schedule these patrols with the following two options.

Option 1

Fortnightly patrols with residents accompanied by the PCSO during the following times:

  • 8.30 pm - 10 pm (1st Fortnight)

  • 8.30 pm - 10 pm (2nd Fortnight)

Option 2

Fortnightly patrols with residents during the following times:

  • 8.30 pm - 10 pm (1st Fortnight) - accompanied by the PCSO

  • 11 pm - 12.30 am (2nd Fortnight) - accompanied by an officer from Medway Councils Community Safety Team


To feedback on which of the options you prefer as part of the SMI Neighbourhood Watch consultation by midnight 13 July 2020 please use our contact form.

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