What are the articles of association about?


The articles of association are the rules which govern how SMIRA is run. These were produced approx. 20 years ago at a time when SMI only had a few homes built.


Today the SMI community has 1595 homes with another 167 still to be built in the next few years. The community has changed over the last 20 years and now is the right time to review and revise the current articles of association to make sure they reflect what the community wants today.

Coronavirus impact

Due to the impact by Coronavirus on the nation’s ability to meet in traditional face to face formats, SMIRA has had to revise its approach to the articles’ consultation, since its original presentation at the AGM in November 2019.


To ensure all residents have enough time to understand and decide what the new articles of association will include, SMIRA will now be undertaking the consultation in two steps.


  • AGM November 2020 A vote by Full SMIRA members (as per current article rules) on key principles that the community wishes to include in the new articles

  • AGM November 2021 A vote by Full SMIRA members (as per current article rules) on the final version of the revised articles of association


What do the current articles of association say?


  • The current SMIRA articles of association include the following conditions:

  • One vote per dwelling, not one vote per owner/leaseholder at same home

  • One full membership per dwelling if you own your home /rent over 5 years

  • Joint owners of more than one dwelling on SMI can both be members

  • Freeholders do not need to be SMI residents or live in the UK

  • Commercial property tenants do not have to satisfy the 5+ years rental term

  • Votes only for full members at AGM to appoint Board and any changes to the articles

  • Only full members can become Board members

  • AGM papers must be sent in hard copy

Comparison: What Do Other Residents’ Associations do?


To help residents make an informed decision, the SMIRA board has looked at how other residents’ associations work, how they are structured and what the key rules are in terms of membership, voting and meetings.

SMIRA Articles consultation: what do other associations do? Comparison table

Key principles to vote on


In order to develop new articles for SMIRA, full members of SMIRA will need to agree what should be included.


To ensure SMIRA gives everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion, a series of principles will be voted upon at the AGM in November 2020.


This will then set the foundations to amend the article, to be voted on at the 2021 AGM.


These principles include: 

  • Who can be a SMIRA member?

  • Who can vote at a SMIRA meeting?

  • Should AGM papers be sent in hard copy or electronically?

  • How many SMIRA Board members should there be?

  • Should membership be restricted to individuals, excluding corporate bodies?

  • Should SMIRA directors be limited to SMI residents?


At the AGM, there will also be votes on minor article amendments and principles to guide the work of the SMIRA board. These will be included in the November 2020 AGM papers.