SMIRA Annual General Meeting vote

Welcome to the 2020 Annual General Meeting vote page.

There are a number of votes this year, which is why SMIRA is using an online voting approach.

The vote is unique to you and you can only vote once as a Full SMIRA member.

The vote will be to:


  • Vote for SMIRA Board members

  • Agree the principles for changes to the SMIRA Articles of Association

  • Agree the principles to guide the work of the SMIRA board

  • Make minor articles amendments with further special resolutions

Please ensure you complete all parts of the voting form below and 

press the submit button at the end for your votes to count.

The following SMI residents have put themselves forward to be voted as Directors of the SMIRA Board



Jade Jones has lived on the Island for 10 years and has closely followed the changes and improvements that have been introduced over the last 18 months.
Jade is a not-for-profit Company Secretary with a focus on corporate governance and compliance. She feels strongly that as a community we can work together to continue to make the Island a pleasant place for everyone to live and enjoy.



Malcolm has lived on the Island for 2 years. He is a Chartered Accountant and ran a successful accountancy practice in Tunbridge Wells for 30 years. Malcolm now acts as CFO to the Multi Academy Trust, managing the finances of their 10 primary schools, reporting to the Board of Trustees. He has had experience on several Boards and was influential in creating networking groups in Tunbridge Wells.
Malcolm has really enjoys his time on the Island and is interested in helping to maintain the area and the peace that it has brought him in the time he has been here



Mona has lived on the Island for 9 years. She is an academic pharmacist, specialising in clinical standards and governance.
As a Pharmacy Teaching Fellow and researcher with an interest in digital health systems, Mona would like to support the improvement of the healthcare provisions on the Island.



Scott has lived on the Island for 15 years and is also involved with the Church and School. Scott owns a vegetation management and tree surgery company and does work for homes England, the land trust and Medway Norse.
He is very keen to promote one community, one voice with like-minded people who also care about the Island. Among other things, Scott will be working on the neighbourhood watch scheme that was introduced this year.